Mark Stroman

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Mark Stroman

Mark Stroman #999409

Polunsky Unit D.R.
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston – Texas 77351

Texas scheduled the execution on 07/20/2011

Greetings and Respects:

My name is Mark Ströman and I am currently awaiting execution in this modernized Dungeon of Death that most call Texas Death Row. And yes, it’s a nightmare come to life. Words can’t express my true feelings of this hellish place – oppressed confinement, chained and shackled like animals, surrounded by the smell of death day in and day out is almost more than I can stand. Like I said before, it’s a nightmare come to life.

I can not tell you that I am an innocent man. I am not asking you to feel sorry for me and I won’t hide the truth. I am a human being and made a terrible mistake out of love, grief and anger, and believe me I am paying for it every single minute of the day and it hunts me in my sleep as well.

September 11th, 2001 I lost my sister in the world Trade Center. I remember sitting at home watching the nightmare on TV. And knowing she was on the top floors of the North Tower….. Let’s just say that I could not think clearly anymore and I am sorry to say I made innocent people pay for my rage, anger, grief and loss. I have destroyed my victim’s families as well as my own. Out of pure anger and stupidity I did some things to some men from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia – and now I sit on Death Row awaiting execution. And by no means am I proud of what I have done.

I am from Dallas, Texas, father of four awesome kids. Three girls and one boy – kids are pure innocence – and I can’t stand for anyone to harm or abuse them – children are the future – innocent and pure! I was born October, 13th, 1969- and I have had a great life, and am blessed to have four awesome children. I am looking for a few solid non-judge mental friends to help my final days on earth easier to deal with. I promise to be open and honest and will respond to every letter received. I have watched many men walk their final walk and that has made me value life more then ever – I see things so much clearer now – Life is precious and full of surprises.

“With respect”

I remain in the struggle

Mark Ströman

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