James Jackson

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James Jackson

The state of Texas executed James Jackson – February 7th 2007

….. Jackson then told the warden standing over him, “Warden, murder me.”

“I’m ready to roll. Time to get this party started.”

James Jackson

Who killed my family??? – December 2004

Wer hat meine Familie umgebracht??? – Dezember 2004

When tomorrow starts without me

Greetings my name is James L. Jackson…

This is a Poem in Memory

Dies ist ein Gedicht in Gedenken an Deinen Freund

Is Texas a Christian State?

Ist Texas ein christlicher Staat?

December 2004

By James Jackson # 999272


„Remember your friends as you pass by. As you are now, so was I. As I am now, so you must be. Prepare to meet thy God in eternity.„

It was a sunny day in March 1994. The air was kind of cool, but to me it was still very, very good day. I, James Jackson, was free after doing a five-year sentence, and now I was on my way to Housten City. All my life I had been putting off coming to Housten because when I was younger I would dream that if I ever went to Houston—I would die.

Upon my arrival I lived with my sister Joyce who is a year younger then I, and one of four other sisters who live in Dalles with the rest of my family. It was good to see her end my two nephews, but for some reason I was not a happy men. Something was amidst in my life, but the time I had no idea what it was…

After about a week of being in Housten, and me having to report to my parole officer once a week, I WOULD GO OUT to a club with my sister end her friend Jack. I was kind of paranoid from being incarcerated for five years, so I would just sit back and look not trying to talk to anyone. But after being there for about an hour a very sweet, high-yellow women asked me if I would dance with her. At the time I knew I was out-of­- date on my dance moves, but I said OK. And man if she didn’t back that thing up on me so serious. I had to go and sit down before too many people saw just how much she had my attention.

As we talked I found out that this lady just wanted a man to take care of her and her four kids—she had no job, and was only 19-years-old. I knew at that moment she was not the woman for me. Within that same night alone, I met four women with the same state of mind—I knew I had no reason to retum to this club.

After staying with my sister for a couple of months, I found a job in down town Houston driving a van of people to and from work their cars. It was ok, and I met a lot of nice people, but still, there was something missing in my life…

One night before going to bed I fell to my knees and told God just how lonely I really was. I asked Him to give me a different kind of women then those I had met at the club—one who does not drink, smoke, or go to clubs. After that I want to sleep and had a dream about a women whom I did not know, and these dreams would come to me every night for the next few months.

The man’s name that I worked for was Bill, and he had three daughters who were ok—but not my cup of water. The youngest was the most attractive—her name was Cathy, but I saw her as a little sister, so I was still lonely. On a Wednesday I was picking up my people when I saw this woman who was standing at the light waiting to cross the street, and I came to a complete stop in the middle of the street with my mouth wide open. The woman I saw was about 6 ft. tall, yellow, and had a coke bottle figure—she was the very same woman who had been invading my dreams for months… . As I set in the middle of the street one of the ladies behind me asked if I would like to meet Sharon. And believe me—I said YES! OH YES!

The next day when I sent my number to Sharon through her friend, I didn’t know what to think… Here was a women she had been inside of my unconscious dreams, and now here she was es big as day. I’m beginning to think that maybe I was losing my mind. A week went by and no Sharon. I saw the lady and asked her if she’d been to work. She said yes. I asked her for the number to their office and called Sharon myself.

“Hello,“ went the sweet voice on the other end, my heart almost stopping. „ This is Sharon.“

“Good morming,“ I responded. „ This is James. “

“How are you?“ she asked.“

“Would be better’“ if you would have called.“ I responded.

“Well, let me exaplain. I feel that when a men gives me a pager nunber and not his home number, that he is either married or trying to hide something—so which are you doing?“

“I smiled as I thought of the reason I’d given her my pager number knowing I had a good reason for only giving her a pager number. I had no wife nor a phone at the time. None­theless, I smiled from understanding her thoughts, and knowing that was not the case.

“Sharon. I know what you are saying, but I have just moved into my own apartment and I don’ t have a phone at this time.” She was very understanding, so I made plans to meet with her on our lunch break the next day. I couldn’t wait!

The next day came, and when I went to the administration building where Sharon worked, she was at the door waiting. As I pushed the glass door open, she smiled, but I walked on passed her. When she turned back toward door, I curiously turned around to check her out from behind, and man …she sure was fire!

After about five minutes I walked up and called her name. She turned and asked,

“Why did you pass me by? I thought, you know what I look like.”

” I did. And I knew it was you–I just needed to see you from behind for a few minutes,” I said with a boyish devilish grin on my face. “OK,” was all she said. I then took her hand and we went outside, and I told her about my dreams and my praying. She just smilled and then said she was saved; that she had been a Christian for eight years. At the time I had no idee what she was talking about. She asked me if I would go to Church with her. I said yes. That made her day.

The following Sunday I went to her apartment on the North side of Houston off of Hwy 59, and there I met her two daughters from her first marriage. Sunny at the time was 17, and Ericke was 16. We hit it off from the very beginning. As we set in Church that Sunday the preacher called alter-prayer and asked the ones who needed praying ­for to please come up. I went up. There was about six of us up front, and as she came down the line, I saw people felling to the floor, and I heard this funny sound coming from the preacher. When she got next to me I looked at her and her eyes were all white, and she was talking funny. The first thing that came to my mind was “Devil Worshipers.” Before she got to me I walked out of the Church not knowing what to think–but I knew I didn’t want to go back in there. Sharon came to me and asked me what was wrong. I told her, “I ‘m not down with the devil worshiping!” All she could do was laugh and shake her head.

After Sharon explained to me what was going on, I started going on regular basis. After about four month wa moved intotogether (Sharon and I), and all was going well. After eight months I asked Sharon to marry me, and she said yes. We had a beautiful wedding and for a week we went to the beach for nothing but a week of love and fun.

After about two years I was working at “Western Waste” which was a trash dispoasl company. Then I went to a better job which was Housten Shell and Concrete, where I was a driver of a concrete truck for six months. After I was laid off, I then went into the streets.

I would go out at times in order to make a few dollars by gembling. I knew the game in order to survive, and being the man I am, I didn’t want my wife to pay alll of the bills. I saw no other way to do my part at the time. After a few months of being back out on the streets, my wife and I went out to eat, and as we went into the restaurant I saw an old lady with white hair looking at me. When she got to me she stopped me and asked if she could talk with me. With her being an old lady, I said “Sure mother, how can I help you?” At the moment shetook my hand and told me I was running from God; that he had work for me to do, but I was on the run. I looked over at my wife and she was looking with her mouth open shaking her head. I looked back to the woman and told her thank you, and that I would stop running. I walked her out to her car. Before she got in she said, “Son, you don’t want as to whip you for not doing as He asked.”

As we walked toward the building I told Sharon that she knows these people and asked them to talk with me but, all she she could do was shake her head and hold onto my hand. A few weeks passed and it was now Super Bowl Sunday. We were on our way to my sister-in-law’s, and it turned out that she was his sister-in-law as well. (This man and I did some time together.)

After we got back home and were in bed, it was about 12:45 midnight when the phone rang. My wife answered it–it was her mother. We were now on our way to my mother-in-law’s house. When we arrived she hugged Sharon and asked her if she knew I had been to prison. My wife told her yes, and then asked her if that was what she wanted to speak to us aout. She said yes. She thought I had married Sharon with her not knowing about my past, and at that time she would never bring my past up again.

Again three weeks after that day, I came home one morning, and before Sharon went to work she told me, ” James, one day you are going to come home and the girls and me will be gone, but at that moment you won’t be able to come–but you will come later on.” I looked at her and asked her what she meant, and she said it just came to her in a dream. After that, she kissed me and left for work. At the moment I didn’t know what to think.

The following Sunday we went to another church to visit, and as the pastor of the Church shared the gospel, it was really encouraging. But after she was finished she looked around and said, “Young man, young man, I need to talk with you.”  At that moment I was looking around with everyone trying to see who she was talking to. She came down and walked right up to me. I stood up, and she  put her hand on my arm and said, “God has work for you to do.” That was all she got out efore I was looking over at my wife and she knew just by looking into my eyes what I was thinking. “Young man, you need to stop running and submit to Christ and do his work.” I said, “Yes ma’am,” and set back down…

When we got home I was really upset because I thought my wife was putting these people up to telling me these things, and I told her it had to stop–now. One evening in April, as I was on my way out door, my youngest daughter Ericke asked if she could go with me. I told her no, to go and talk with her mother. I walked out the door. I made a stop to a pawnshop to add to the little bit of money I had–Iwas on my way to the gambling house. That night I ran across an old friend of mine. Her name was Kathy, and as it turned out, we ended up in a motel room, had sex and got high. I let a friend of mine use my car while I was at the motel, and after he came back I was on my way home the next morning. I was tired and sleepy. When I turn into the driveway at the apartment, there were three police cars blocking my packing space.

When I found a parking space and got out of my car, all I could see was yellow tape, and people standing around. The first thing that came to my mind was burglary. As I walked up to the first officer I saw, I saw my mother-in-law coming down the walkway. I asked her, “Why are you here so early in the morning?” She looked me in my eyes and told the officer, ” This is the man I told you about, who killed a man in Dallas and went o prison for it!” Then she asked, ” James, what happened lst night?” I asked her, “What are you talking about?”I just came from being out all night.”

At that moment two more officers approached s, and one asked me if I was the husband of a Sharon Jackson. I said yes, that I lived in apartment 227. I then asked what’s going on. I was then told by the officer, “There are three women up there in apartment 227. “In shock, pain, curiosity and desperation, I quickly turned to go up stairs hoping it was not my family that was dead in there. I was immediately stopped by an officer and was told I could not go up there–my apartment was a crime scene.

My mind immediately forced my legs to move, but at  the same time, my shock would not let me move or even speak. I was taken to a patrol car and put in the back seat, and eas told that someone would be there to talk to me shortly. As we arrived at the detectives office, I was placed on a bench, and was then handcuffed to it. I was there for an hour before anyone came to talk to me. I was then placed into a small room and told that they knew who I was. I was told that I was from California, and was a member of a religious cult who had killed some of its members. I was also told that my wife and daughters had been stabbed a number of times to the head, face legs and stomach.

All I could see now was blood everywhere and I jumped up trying to leave, but was pushed back down into my chair. Now I wanted to fight, but was told that by fighting I would not be able to help my family, so I tried my hardest to control myself ( something I almost felt impossible knowing that my wife and daughters had just been brutally murdered). I was told to write out a statement of my where-abouts that night and what I did, so I did that. I was left in the room for two hours that seemed like a lifetime.

When the detectives came back I told them that I did not want to talk anymore— I needed to go see about my family before I lost my mind (though I felt like I’d lost it already knowing they’d been brutally murdered that night!) I was told that i would be able to leave soon two or three different times. At that time I needed to go to the restroom, so one of the officers went with me–but I was not under arrest.

I did not know what time it was –there were no windows in this room. After what seemed like an eternity, one of the detectives came and told me: ” In a few minutes we are going to take you back home, but first we need your finger prints in order to get your records from Dallas.” I said ok. Two hours later I was brought a stack of papers to sign, and was told that signing these papers would let their supervisorss know that I had been cleared. Wanting to get home as quickly as possible, I signed the papers, and was then told they needed to finger print me, and I was free home. As I left the office I was not handcuffed. We get down to the jail and I was to to sit down for a few minutes. The dedective that took me down to the jail told me he would be back. Then minutes later my name was called and they took my finger prints. Afterwards I was put in a holding cell and told I didn’t have long to wait. True to their word I was called into a court room–I, and two other men. My name was called again, and a lady began to read from a paper, telling me that I was being charged with Capital Murder for the deaths of my two daughters, Ericka and Sunny—by strangulation.

I told the dedectives (when he came back) that there was some mistake–I was waiting to go home! How wrong I was–I was just charged with killing my own family. The first thing that came to mind was my beloved wife’s words:” One day you will come home and me and the girls will be gone.”

Nine months after my entire world was shattered and stopped spinning, I was taken to court. My attorney, Donald Davis, was—to me—not a good attorney. During court proceedings my attorney and the procecutor made their opening statements, and the first witness was called. It was my wife’s best friend Angel. She came and testified to me staying out at night, getting high at times, about me gambling and nothing more. My brother was called next, Artis, who testified to how my daughters loved me, and they were very smart (they were), and how much he enjoyed talking with them.

Next came one of the dedectives–one whom I had never ever seen in my life before until the day he took the stand and said that I told him I killed my wife and girls because I could not stand by and let her divorce me. He also said that theytook me to a hospital so they could take a sample of my DNA (WHICH WAS A LIE-PERJURY!)! He went on to say that I would also kill them (meaning him or his officers).

The next witness was the Medical Examiner. He came in with about 150 autopsy photos, showed a few to the jury to emotionally enflame them, and came to one of my wife’s brain which had red spot of lod on the right side at the front. He said I picked her up with my left arm ( off the floor) and punched down with my right fist, which knocked her unconscious, before I strangled her to death (WHICH IS A LIE–PERJURY!)! After the prosecutors cross examination, my attorney had no questions (ONCE AGAIN–FOR THE FIFTH TIME!). ut there was nothing I could do–I was found guilty for murder of my family in lies from dedectives, fabricated testomony from Medical Examiner, with no physical evidence linking to this heinous crime inflicted upon my beloved family, and perjured testimony from other people who did not work for the system but yet had personal vandettes against me for one reason or another.

The punishment phase was no better than the guilt/innocence phase of my trial. I had previously done some time before this—five years. I was sentenced to ten years in prison for accidentally shooting the wrong man (he was in the way).

The next person the prosecutors called was a snake from my past, Wonder Wallies, mother of my children’s mother—and the daughter of the man I accidentally shot. It was an accident. She came and told the court that I was not a good father; I WAS the cause of her daughter being on drugs, and I was trying to shoot her and her daughter because her daughter said she didn’t want to see me anymore. All I could do was drop my head and shake it at the lies she was telling on the stand. I did not try to shoot her or her daughter. I was trying to defend myself from her Mom’s husband who had pulled a rifle on me.

At the time she was testifying against me with this perjured testimony, I had no idea that her husband had died of cancer, and that the reason she was lying on me on the stand was because she knew he could not be there to tell the truth about everything. Before she got off the stand I tried to get my attorney to ask her some questions, but he got up and said, “No questions.” (I was so angry I wanted to scream “JUDICIAL RAIL-ROADING IN FULL EFFECT” in the court room!)

I took the stand afterwards, and everything you read in this story is what I told the court and Jury. As I looked over at the Jury I knew I was a dead man. Three of the women were cryin and two of the man were, too. It took my jury nine hours to sentence me to death. When the judge gave me my sentence, I turned to my mother and told her I was alright. Afterwards I was removed from the court room—and have been an Texas’ Death Row since: 8 long and hard years.


The purpose of this is to show what the legal system is like for those of us that are innocent in this Unjust Justice system here in the state of Texas and all around the U.S. With that said, please allow me just a few more moments of your time to give you a slightly different perspective to the realities—both seen, and those intentionally covered up—that are infixed in this society. It is important to remember that in dealing with a situation like this… One must stay FULLY OPEN-MINDED to the “TRUTHS”, no matter how farfetched or harsh they may sound. Truth does not change because it is or believed by a majority of the people. Panic may resent it; Ignorance may deride it; Malice may distort it—but there it is…….

First of all, I was shackled and was taken away from my home and freedom by the cops because—as they claimed—I was not under arrest, but because I was a big man! They were lyiny and going against the law. The moment they cuffed me and wanted. me for questioning I became a suspect and was under arrest. I was never read my Miranda Rights either, which made my arrest an illegal arrest. I was asked to go down to the station to answer some questions. I refused!, and told them: “Not until I find out about my family!” I was taken down for questioning and charged with Capital Murder.

2) I was given false information about what really happened to my family. First I was told that they had been stabbed which was not true—and later found out that all three had been strangled.

3) When I was being interrogated, I told the officer five times I did not want to talk with them—I really need to go and see about my family. I was told that I was not under arrest, and that I did not need an attorney present during questioning(even though I did request for an attorney to be present during questioning). To make me believe what they said they did not read me my Miranda Rights. I was told that I would only need an attorney if I was under arrest, and that I need to help them find out who killed my family. How am I supposed to know who killed my family when I was not home when it happened? And if I was not under arrest and was not a suspect, then why was I handcuffed, taken down for questioning about my whereabouts at the time of the crime, my activities, finger printed and charged with Capital Murder that same day’? If this doesn’t reek with false charges and false arrest, then I don’t know what does.

4) When I did consent to try and help them, I then wrote out all that I did that day: who I was with, what time I returned home the next day—all of this is in my handwriting in a statement. But they lied and told the court that I confessed to the crime (which is a lie), and they do not have anything of the sort from me. I wrote a written statement telling them where I was the night of my family’s murder: With a female friend. My activities and whereabouts the night my family was murdered is documented by me in a written statement. I did not confess to this crime because I did not commit this crime. And again—they do not have such a statement from me whatsoever.

5) My mother-in-law (which is my wife’s mother) told the police that I had been to prison previously for killing a man in my hometown which is Dallas, Texas, but that is not true. I was charged for a crime, but murder was not the case. I was charged with injury to a person with a fire arm, which I pleaded guilty to(it was an accident—Unintentional).

6) The Medical Examiner gave perjured testimony in my trial with his fabricated reports and testimony about how my wife died. It was said that my wife and daughters were stabbed to death. But during my trial it was said my wife was strangled before she was hit in the head as she was lifted from the floor by her throat—this cannot be true.

In the autopsy photos it showed where while my wife lied on her back her head was turned to the right, As the blood drained from her head it left a small red spot of blood at the front on the right side of the brain. If she was hit like they said she was, there would have been a knot or an injury involving rupture or discoloration to the scalp—there was none! No bruise! Nothing but the red spot of blood.

7) During my trial it was said that they could not come up with a time of death on my family, but during one of the stages of my appeals process (which of course begins after one’s trial) they came up with a time. I take that to mean that as I was out with my friend that night, the murders took place while I was out with my friend, my alibi was the truth and they know it, but since they could not find the actual killers I was simply used as a scapegoat! This is the kind of Justice Texas likes to dish out!

I was never charged with my wife’s death, only the deaths of my two daughters, who they said were also strangled all at the same time by one man—thats impossible, and down right blasphemous! How does ons man with only two arms strangle three women all at the same time? It is not possible! Yet I am accused (FALSELY) of doing this to my family!

8) The lady (which is the grandmother of my two daughters by my ex girl friend back in Dallas, Texas), Wonder Wallies, is the daughter of the man I accidentally shot while in Dallas. She came to court and told the court that I was trying to shoot her and her daughter (whith is the mother„ of my children), and this is not true! I later found out that Sam Wellies had died of cancer a few years before my trial – he was the man who I was trying to shoot. He is also Wonder Wallies husband and the father of the woman whom I have two children with. He is also the son-in-law of the man who I accidentally shot. Now do you see?

She is the wife of the man who is now dead, and the daughter of the man I accidentally shot, but came to court and said that I tried to shoot her and her daughter, which is a lie (PERJURY!)!

9) A week and a half after my trial I was called down to the medical department in Harris County Jail, while I was awaiting transfer to Death Row. When I arrived there two detectives were waiting there for me with a search warrant for my body. They were there to get a DNA sample from me. During my trial a detective told the court that they took me to the hospital to get a DNA –Sample from me (WHICH WAS A LIE). This is why they were there a week and a half after my trial now trying to get some DNA from me—so as not to look like liars by having DNA from me. My case is not DNA related. I was never taken to the hospital before my arrest, during my arrest, or anytime after my arrest for them to take DNA from my body. If my case is not DNA related, why go through all the trouble of trying to get DNA from me? I smell a set up. What do you think?

I, James Jackson, am an innocent man an Texas’ Death row, falsely accused of murdering my family. I did not do it. I am not perfect, and in my youth I did some foolish things which I take full responsibility for. However, I am innocent of Capital Murder—I did not murder my family. And in the eight years I have been incarcerated for this case, not a day has gone by that I am not tormented by the loss of my Family. I can’t fathom what ran through their minds as they met their brutal deaths, and not being able to be there to protect them causes me many sleepless nights. Of course we had our normal family problems like any other family, things that only shows a family how strong they are, how great their love is, and why it is a blessing to have a family. Despite our problems I loved my family more than my next breath. To lose them so suddenly, and so brutally, is a deep wound in my soul that no words could ever accurately convey. And to sit here facing death, accused of killing my own family… Oh my God, one can’t even begin to imagine the pain. I myself live with it daily and still can’t find the words to explain it. I am drowning in it is all I can say at the moment! I love my family, I miss my family, and I know they are up in heaven smiling down on me waiting on me to get there—and they know(if nobody else knows) that I am innocent!

In closing I would briefly like to share a few things about the death penalty. In capital conviction cases, where the death penalty is invoked, the fundamental unfairness of the criminal justice system is especially evident. During the past century there have been at least 415 cases of “wrongful Capital Punishment” as documented in the book, “In spite of Innocence,” by Michael Radelet. These are only a sample of the cases among those where the miscarriages of justice has already been discovered and proven. The Economist Magazine reports that of the 5,000 cases since 1977 where the death penalty was imposed, 2,000 of those were overturned because of the incompetence of the defence counsel alone. There are no statistics of the total number of such miscarriages of justice.(Deliberate? Or coincidence? Your answer: Deliberate!) It is impossible to know the volume of undiscovered cases and the U.S. Department of Justice maintains no records of the known, proven cases. One of the problems with the death penalty is that it is irreversible. Of the 415 cases of wrongful convictions cited above 23 people were proven “NOT guilty” too late-after their executions had already taken place. In 1993 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the discovery of new evidence which might prove the innocence of a death row prisoner is not to be considered a bar to execution. Once the sentence of death has been invoked it is more important to protect the system that produced the wrongful conviction than to correct an injustice and save a human life.

If the Congress were to draft legislation that would standardize the criteria for application of the death penalty based upon the manner in which the death penalty is currently applied, it would specify the following requirements:

1) The defendant must be indigent(90% of the time).

2) The victim must be white(82% of the time).

3) The defendant must be black(53% of the time).

4) The defence counsel must be incompetent(40% of the time).

5) The prosecutor must be a sadist.

6) The defendant must be uneducated.

7) The jury must be unmerciful.

The United States ranks along with China, Iran and Iraq in its uncivilized use of the death penalty. No other country in the western world is so barbaric. Even in the rest of the world only Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen execute children under the age of 18 years of age as does the United States. There are currently over 73 juveniles an death row in the United States. As recent as 1989 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the execution of children that are 16. Twenty-four states allow the execution of children under the age of 18. Thirty-eight states have capital punishment. The United States Supreme court and the majority of the judges that sit on its panel refuse to recognize that the death penalty is arbitrarily and capriciously applied. Or that it is cruel and unusual punishment. That it is racist and discriminatory. That it is a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS, it denies due process of law and it is clearly unconstitutional. It is embarrassing to live in a country where the decisions of the highest judges in the land are so irrational, so unenlightened and so lacking in human decency. The Supreme court justices ought to lead society in setting the highest moral and ethical standards for the country rather than dragging society back into the middle ages.

As long as the general public continues to ignore the issues involved in the practice of executing people, this gross violation of conscience will continue. The Criminal justice system is not capable of correcting its own errors and it is not capable of leading society to accept a more civil and enlightened policy. The only way to bring about change in the policy of execution is for broad public discussion and education. The evidence available is overwhelmingly persuasive that this is a wrongheaded policy of mad vengeance and that it is fundamentally harmful to society. It only reinstates the code of justice by bloodshed. No one is safe. There is a very real exposure for innocent people to become falsely accused, arrested, tried in court, convicted and sentenced to die. It is happening here and now (I AM ONE OF THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE)! An enlightened society would not tolerate such an injustice. PEACE & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!


James Jackson#999272

Polunsky Unit 3872

F.M. 350 South

Livingston, Texas 77351 USA

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